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Top 4 Toxic Winter Holiday Items - Beware Furry Friends!

December 27, 2017
  • Food: 'Tis the season of fruit cake and hot chocolate! Be sure to remember that foods like chocolate or cocoa and raisins, which are common ingredients in holiday foods, are highly toxic to cats and dogs.
  • Alcohol: Sure, you know better than to give your dog a sip of beer, but would you think twice about sneaking him a piece of cake? Rum cake and raw or undercooked bread dough (yeast) can actually result in alcohol poisoning for your pets.
  • Plants: Mistletoe and Holly are both common household plants during Christmas time. They are both also toxic to your fur babies. Symptoms of ingesting these plants include vomiting and diarrhea, drooling, and breathing problems. Mistletoe can also cause a drop in blood pressure and hallucinations. If a large amount of either plant is ingested, seizures or death may occur.
  • Ice Melt: The main chemical in ice melt products is chloride. This can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and drooling. In more severe cases, it can cause seizures and muscle weakness. Remember that pet-safe ice melt does exist. Be sure to use something like this around your furry friends.
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